About Us

Soleseason was established in 2020 with the intention of buying, selling and trading of ‘Vietnam’ made Tns. The main reason of doing this was to grow my own collection an trade up to rarer pairs.

It then became a passion of mine and I started to see it as a little hustle on the side to keep myself busy and also make some extra cash. One thing led to another, and with the complete necessity of returning all profits back into the business, while also making sure my customers were happy, it lead to a growth in stock along with my customer base.

My customer base has grown from initially being Australian customers only to now having a worldwide customer base - With many of my pairs being sent to multiple countries including New Zealand, United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, America, Canada, Japan, Thailand.

Its great being such a helping hand in the worldwide Tn community, Helping collectors all over the world get there hands on rare pairs that they would struggle to find elsewhere. 

The best part is knowing that with every sale I make, I have helped someone express themselves in no better way then a fresh set of kicks! Something that I have done with pride my entire life.