Rainbow / Summer Gradient Nike Tns have returned!

Rainbow nike tn summer gradient 605112-115

The Nike Air Max Plus Rainbows / Summer Gradient

Introducing the highly coveted Nike Air Max Plus “Summer Gradient”, a striking pair that is set to make waves once again. Originally making its debut back in 2019, this iconic “Women’s Rainbows” has garnered immense attention, with prices for larger women’s sizes soaring up to $800+ in recent years on the secondary resale market. Now, the wait is no more as the “Rainbow Tn” will be making its comeback in 2024, With smaller sizes already releasing in some parts of Asia.

Nike TN rainbow gradient womens release 605112-115

Eye catching rainbow gradient

This pair of Summer Gradient Tn's truly stands out with its eye-catching gradient design. The colour fade starts with a vibrant orange at the toe, seamlessly transitioning into shades of pink, purple and blue, creating a mesmerising visual effect. The lace loops, insole, Nike Air emblem on the tongue tab, and lateral Swoosh are accented in sleek black, providing a striking contrast against the predominantly white upper for a clean and modern look. The toe guard, side panels and heel counter are also featured in pristine white.

The Nike Tn “Summer Gradient” sits on top of a white midsole, with a summer gradient midfoot shank and vibrant traction pad that not only enhances stability but also add an extra element of style to the pair. Nike’s Tuned Air technology is encapsulated within the midsole, the air units featured in similar rainbow fade to give the sneaker even more pop.

Nike TN rainbow summer gradient womens 605112-115 side
Nike TN rainbow summer gradient womens 605112-115

Guaranteed to sell out!

With its limited availability and huge hype especially in the larger women’s sizes, it is safe to say that the Nike Air Max Plus “Summer Gradient” is a guaranteed sell-out. This Rainbow Tn is sure to turn heads wherever you go and a must-have to any sneaker collection.

Currently there is not release date for Australia, so we can only pray that we get these in store. But you can be sure that once larger sizes release somewhere overseas, We will definitely get our hands on some pairs for our customers!! 

While we wait, Feel free to look over our store. You can shop with confidence as all our products are 100% authentic. We provide world-wide shipping and have served 1000s of satisfied customers.

Nike TN rainbow summer gradient womens 605112-115 rear
Nike TN rainbow summer gradient womens 605112-115 inside

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