Shoe Trees

Τιμή πώλησης$35.00 AUD

Size: 5x Large (Men's 7-15)
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Shoe Trees are the perfect addition to the shoe collection, keeping all your pairs in perfect shape and also just adding that touch of magic to your displayed pairs sitting on your shelves or inside there display boxes.

  • Perfect for keeping your shoes in shape when travelling.
  • Can be used on many sneaker styles. ( Work amazingly on Tn's & Asics)
  • Helps when scrubbing/cleaning sneakers, also keeps them in shape while drying.
  • Aesthetically pleasing to have all your pairs perfectly shaped on display.
  • The KEY to Soleseason's perfect Tn lacing & tongue pop!!

Large sizing - Works perfect for Men's US7-12 & Women's US8-12. 

PLEASE NOTE - For Men's US12+ you are needing to place some tissue paper inside the front of the shoe to get them looking perfect! ( It is recommended to just use some of the paper that comes stuffed inside your brand new shoes )

Small sizing - Works for anything smaller then Women's US7.