The Bleached Aqua Nike Tn Returns for its 2.0 Edition!

Nike Tn Air Max Plus Bleached Aqua dm0032-102
Bleached Aqua Air Max Plus dm0032-102

Bleached Aqua Returning in 2024

Introducing the Nike Air Max Plus “Ocean-White-Dusty-Cactus-Violet”, or simply the Nike TN “Bleached Aqua 2.0” within the community, is a rippling update to the iconic Air Max Plus silhouette that captures the essence of the ocean’s beauty. This updated iteration on an OG colourway features a serene ocean-like gradient for the signature fade associated with Nike TNs. Vibrant blues blend with calming violets to create a breath-taking colourway for your feet.

With the Bleached Aqua 1.0 releasing back in 2018 in women’s sizing only, the original release of the Nike TN “Bleached Aqua” became an instant sell-out. Pairs in larger sizes have since become highly sought after, with some pairs fetching upwards of $850 in the secondary resale market. This updated version pays homage to the previous release, retaining its iconic gradient upper while introducing a subtle blanch to the colourway for a fresh take on a classic.

Nike Tn Bleached Aqua 2.0 air max plus dm0032-102

The Bleached Aqua's Vibrant Blues

The Nike Tn “Bleached Aqua 2.0” features a seamless gradient on its upper, starting with a vibrant blue, representing the clear skies above, then transitioning into a deeper violet that brings out the mysteries of the ocean’s abyss. The shank of the sneaker features the same colour fade, only in reverse, with the violet transitioning into the blue as we move down the sneaker. The vibrant blue Nike Swoosh stands out from the primarily white body and frame, providing a neutral backdrop for the other striking colours to pop. The design is a nod to the vast beauty of the ocean, offering a calming and eye-catching look at the same time.

Nike Tn Bleached Aqua 2.0 dm0032-102
Nike Tn Bleached Aqua 2.0 dm0032-102 BEHIND

Beyond its captivating design, the Air Max Plus “Bleached Aqua 2.0” remains true to its roots as a Nike TN silhouette. It features Nike’s visible Air cushioning, filled with Tuned Air technology for unparalleled comfort and support with every step. 

This calming colourway is sure to make you look cool wherever you go. Releasing later in 2024 with its release date to be determined, grab your shades and keep an eye out for them, you wouldn’t want to miss this chance again!


Nike Tn pastel - Cream nike tn - glacier BLue dz3671-800
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